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Currently, consumers not only want excellent products, but also want constant innovation, if your company does not have an R&D or I&R department, we can help you plan and execute your development project with our team.

Lipomize specializes in developing customized solutions to solve your needs regarding liposomal products development in a fast tracked, low cost and fully integrated way. Our services cover the whole scope of New Product Development process, from idea to product.

• IP Management

• Product Development and Prototypes

• Pilot Batch Production

• Biological and Clinical Trials

• Product Registration

• Scaling-up and Engineering

Our company has trained professionals to manage your project efficiently and integrated, we are one of the first companies in Argentina to provide a centralized product development management, from idea to market, covering all the complexity of the process.

Your most valuable asset is safe with us, trust us your ideas, we transform them into products ready for market.

Our team is trained in the state of the art techniques of Project Management (PMI ®) and Innovation Management (Stage-Gates ®)

Other services

• Custom products: If the product you need is not our catalog, please call us and quickly evaluate cost and time to develop it according to your specifications.

• Want to replace imported products? Please contact us, our products can replace any liposomal product marketed anywhere.

• Formulations on demand for scientific research and / or pharmaceutical development.

• Specialized Analytics: particle size measurement.

About Us

We are a young technology based company. We offer consulting servicies for the development of liposomal technology primarly for the pharmaceutical industry. We aim to be the first domestic company to manufactured custom-ended liposome, ready for use in research , development and pilot-scale productions.

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