Liposomes favor the disposition of encapsulated active ingredients in the epidermis and dermis, while the permeation rate is decreased. This helps to fix active ingredients to the outermost skin layers as desired for cosmetic products. Simultaneously, the washing out may be delayed so that, for example, aqueous sun care products containing liposome-encapsulated UV filters are water-resistant.


The secret for a smooth and supple skin is an excellent hydration. First skin’s need is hydration. Products formulated with Hydramize® liposome carrying moisturizers improve brightness of the skin, as well as increase elasticity and smoothness. B1Liposomal complex Vitamin A 0,3% and Urea 10%

B1 Liposomal complex Vitamin A 0,3% and Urea 10%
B2  Plane Liposomes 9%  
B3 Liposomal Allantoin 0,2% 

Liposomal Hyaluronic Acid 0,5%

B5  Liposomal Complex Alanine 5%, Glycine 5% and Serine 5%    
B6  Liposomal Aloe Vera 45%    
B7  Genalol Cedzyloryd Halmiposol  


LipoCibus® Liposomes are appropriate for complex nourishing creams, serums and balsams. These that restore lost key skin’s components due to aging and environmental damage. Products formulated with LipoCibus® prevent the formation of lines, wrinkles, furrows and mitigate existing ones. LipoCubus® for nutraceuticals are excellent suplements for joints and extra vitamins to tackle stress.

B8  Liposomal Wheat Germ 45%  
B9  Liposomal Vitamin A 0,3%  


Iuvenesens® Liposome stop the deterioration of cells, regenerating and repairing the structure of the extracellular matrix, this is a determining factor for maintaining healthy skin. These liposomes are specially formulated for the production of cosmetics to protect the delicate skin around the eyes, for its antioxidant protection and help counteract the effects of premature aging. Nutraceutical Iuvenesens® are powerful antioxidants to prevent cell damage by free radical delaying aging signs.

B10  Liposomal Complex Carrot Extract 45% and Vitamin E 0,25%  
B11  Liposomal Vitamin E 0,25%  
B12 Liposomal Coenzyme Q10 0,02%
B13 Liposomal Complex Honey 20% and Royal Jelly 0,25%
B15 Liposomal Complex Vitamin A 0,3% and Tocopherols 0,25%
B16 Liposomal Vitamin C 10%


Recentus® Liposomes are used to formulate cosmetic products intended to prevent irritation of sensitive and dry skin. Some of the products are aftershave lotions and baby care lotions.

B14 Liposomal Complex Hamammelis 18% and Vit E 0,25%  
B28  Liposomal Hamammelis 18%  


UltraMize® Liposomes are used in products that reduce the adipose tissue responsible for cellulite.They deliver substances within the skin that are responsible for converting fatty acids into energy boosting methabolism. Liposomes allowed a rapid absorption and provides a cooling effect that activates blood circulation. These products are used in the treatment thighs, hips, buttocks and abdomen.

B17 Liposomal Caffeine 1,6%  
B18 Liposomal Fucus Vesiculosus 45,0%  
B19 Liposomal Myriceline 30%
B27 Liposomal Gotu Kola 45%


LipoSun® Liposomes are specially formulated for producing tanning accelerating lotions. They give skin a golden, homogeneous and smooth natural color. These products replenish the skin from dehydration caused by sun exposure, thereby preventing flaking.

B21 Liposomal Complex Carrot Extract 45% and Hydrolyzed Collagen 1,5%  


Hair, like any other body part, requires specific nutrients to grow long and strong. Capillus® Liposomes are made of specific compounds used in the production of
lotions that protect and stimulate hair growth.

B22 Liposomal Complex Caffeine 1%, Pantothenate 1%, Gotu Kola 20% and Guarana 20%  
B23 Liposomal Complex Vitamin E 0,25%, Pantothenate 2% and Aloe Vera 45%
B29 Liposomal Complex Nettle 45% and Caffeine 1%


Stretch marks appear when the skin’s elastic fibers break. In stretch marked skins, the less elastic fibers are broken, leaving marks, first pinkish, then reddish, and finally white. LipoCare® Liposomes are intended to produce specific anti striae lotions that prevent and reduce its appearance.

B20 Liposomal Complex Horse Chestnut 15%, Ginkgo Biloba 15% and Gotu Kola 15%  
B24 Liposomal Complex Vitamin A 0,3%, Vitamin E 0,25% and Rosehip 45%
B30 Liposomal Complex Marigold 45% and Vitamin A 0,3%


Tersus® Liposomes are used to formulate lotions to clarify skin and unwanted stains caused by sun in summer. They are ideal for those who have spots on the skin for several reasons such as medicines, sun or age.

B26 Liposomal Vitamin A 0,3%, Vitamin E 0,25% and Papaya 45%  


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