Lipomize develops customized liposomal pharmaceuticals products under strict quality guidelines and confidentiality.

Given the specificity of these products and the complexity of their development we invite you to contact us about your needs and we will gladly visit you at your earliest convenience.

Our area of expertise focuses on oncology, antibiotics and other high profitability liposomal products.

Our services include product development, pilot batching, integrated project management and bulk production for fractionation. Do not hesitate to call; we are for your service.

About Us

We are a young technology based company. We offer consulting servicies for the development of liposomal technology primarly for the pharmaceutical industry. We aim to be the first domestic company to manufactured custom-ended liposome, ready for use in research , development and pilot-scale productions.

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Parque Tecnológico Litoral Centro, Laboratorio 11.
Santa Fe, Santa Fe, Argentina. Zip Code: 3000
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