Liposomes are nanoparticles ranging from 20 nm to 500 um in diameter. They are small spheres, the wall that separates the internal media from the external environment is a lipid bilayer. Given that they are comprised of both a lipid fraction and an aqueous fraction, liposomes can incorporate lipophilic substances and hydrophilic substances. Figure 1 schematically shows liposomes with the two types of load.


Figure 1


Empty liposomes may present a wide range of variants, such as: several sizes, degree of lamellarity, various degrees of rigidity in the membrane, etc.

Liposomes containing a single lipid layer (such as those shown in Figure 1) can be classified by their size. Those who range from 20 to 70 nm are called Small Unillamelar Vesicles (SUV), which range from 70 to 400 nm are called Large Unillamelar Vesicles (LUV). It is also possible to form a special type of liposome size much above the previous, the diameter varies between approximately 10 and 100 um, which are called Giant Unillamelar Vesicles (GUV).


Not all sizes are equally stable with regard to the lipid membrane rupture. Diameter determines the curvature of these membranes, highly curved membranes are more unstable, given in turn by the smaller liposomes. Finally, for most applications (pharmacy, cosmetics, nutraceutical) of single bilayer liposomes those who range between 100 and 200 nm are more stable

The lamellarity of liposomes refers to liposomes that have more than one lipid bilayer, separating the internal environment from the external environment. These bilayers are concentric, and according the amount can form Oligollamelar Vesicles (OLV), which have a few layers, and Multillamelar Vesicles (MLV), which has many layers. These liposomes have very variable particle size distributions, and can range from 500 nm to 2000 nm in the same sample. Figure 2 outlines liposomes showing different sizes and different degrees of lamellarity.



Figure 2


Liposomal Techonology Advantages

Liposomes are composed entirely by natural biocompatible molecules, which have the ability to transport active ingredients within or on its membrane, releasing the active component in a gradual and controlled way providing greater bioavailability, protection and long lasting effect.

Liposomes increase bioavailability, this means that a greater amount of the active ingredient fulfills its specific effect. Higher performance can be achieved even lowering dosing.
Liposomes exert their influence in the stratum corneum of the skin improving penetration of the active; this property turns liposomes particularly effective for cosmetic use.

All the specific properties of the active ingredients for cosmeceutical and nutraceutical formulation are improved by Lipomize’s liposome. Figures 3 and 4 show these concepts.

Exclusive advantages

  • Functional properties are delivered where they are most needed.
  • Active Ingredients are protected and transported within our premium liposomes.
  • Delivery System protects the active ingredient.
  • Liposome lipid bilayer protects oral formulation from gastric degradation and enhance absorption in the intestine.


Figure 3 - Effect of liposomes on skin


Figure 4 - Enhacement of intestinal abssoprtion mediated by liposome

Lipomize’s Liposome

Liposomes assembled by Lipomize are formulated with natural phospholipids extracted from soy lecithin. Low Energy Methods are used for processing, protecting the integrity and stability of the nanovesicles and active ingredients.

Lipomize uses best raw materials for its homogeneous size, controlled lamellarity liposomes, natural soy lecithin and world class active ingredient.

Lipomize liposomes possess high resistance to the action of surfactants and high structural and physicochemical stability as well as a special blend of phospholipids that resists gastric digestion in the stomach, these features improve nanocarrier performance. They also have essential components for cell metabolism. Particularly provide a high concentration of linoleic acid (vitamin F) precursor of Ceramide1, fundamental component of the Natural Moisturizing Factor, being liposomes an excellent moisturizer by themselves. On the other hand linoleic acid is an essential fatty acid indispensable for a healthy nutrition.

Liposome not only protects actives ingredient and increase bioavailability they also nurture.

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